Macrostrategy LLC is a financial research firm founded in September 2011, serving institutional investors. It is headed by David P. Goldman, the former global head of fixed income research for Bank of America. David also was head of credit strategy at Credit Suisse from 1998-2002, and head of fixed income strategy at Bear, Stearns from 1993-1996, and Global Head of Fixed Income Research at Cantor Fitzgerald, among other senior positions. He was a member of Institutional Investor's All-America Fixed Income Team as Strategist/Generalist, one of the most coveted positions in Wall Street research.

A frequent guest on major financial news shows, David has advised institutional investors and governments for twenty-five years. He has been quoted frequently in Barron's, Bloomberg and other major media.

David's network of financial analysts, country risk specialists, and industrial economists spans the whole range of asset classes. His research style combines rigorous quantitative analysis with insights into structural and political factors.

David blogs for Pajamas Media, the premier conservative political and news site in the United States. He also writes the Spengler column for Asia Times Online, and has just published two books: "How Civilizations Die" (Regnery) and "It's Not the End of the World--It's Just the End of You" (Van Praag).

About Macrostrategy LLC   
Macrostrategy LLC is a financial consulting firm serving institutional investors, founded by David P. Goldman, former global head of fixed income research at Bank of America and head of credit strategy at Credit Suisse.

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